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Recommended: Visual SVN Server, now with Subversion 1.6

March 27th, 2009

Sometimes we are so busy with our projects that we miss interesting changes, some may influence us positively. Here is a change that I wanted to share with you: new subversion version 1.6 and Visual SVN Server.

In the last three years we have used both VSS that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, of-course and subversion which can be handled simply from the Windows Explorer window under windows or by using the simple but useful subversion client. Through our development years, it was subversion that took over all our source code repositories. It was simple to use, great to manage, and most importantly – reliable.

Just recently I needed to use the ‘merge’ feature and I discovered that it was only available in version 1.5 and on. So, I went on trying to upgrade the subversion binaries to the latest stable on an Ubuntu server. If you have been reading my blog, you already know that I do not like Ubuntu, well this is the only Ubuntu server left in our arsenal. To make a long story short, after trying to upgrade but giving up since it requires a major Ubuntu release upgrade, I decided that I should look somewhere else. This is where I turned to Visual SVN Server.

After purchasing a copy of Visual SVN – which is a great little plugin to Visual Studio that allows you to integrate with your subversion repository seamlessly and efficiently, we noticed that the same company created Visual SVN Server. Hence, I tried it. I can start by saying that it was well worth it. Yes, Linux is great but for the simple stuff that we do with SVN a windows box will do just fine. Not to mention that with Ubuntu it is a nightmare and waiting for CentOS to adopt the latest version of subversion may take some time, Visual SVN Server is very convenient. If you check their download page, the latest download-able version is already using subversion 1.6. Great!

So, if you are looking to build a subversion repository or in need of upgrading due to need of features/bug fixes – I strongly recommend upgrading to Visual SVN Server.

By the way – moving your existing repositories is a no brainer, especially with Visual SVN’s repository import feature.

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